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Yadkin Valley Law is an energetic and experienced team of lawyers who care about you. Our passion is providing you with the legal advice and advocacy you need and doing so in a timely, courteous, and professional manner. From farmers to first-time home buyers, from senior citizens to entrepreneurs, we are with you, every step of the way.

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 by PC Spheeris
Exceptional Service in Estate Planning

"Thank you to Caleb Rogers at Yadkin Valley Law for his exceptional service in providing us with the information and documentation we needed to update our estate plan.  They were extremely accommodating and courteous to our situation, it was a pleasure working with them, and we look forward to working with Yadkin Valley Law again, for other legal matters, in the future."

 by Pamela Hemingway
Great Closing Experience

"Yadkin Valley Law handled the closing on the sale of our home with great care and excellence.  Their attention to detail and personal touch made a huge difference, and we would highly recommend Yadkin Valley Law to anyone in need of legal services.  Thanks Angie and Caleb!"

 by Matthew M., Owner - M & L McGee, Inc.
Satisfied Business Owner

"The attorneys of Yadkin Valley Law (J. Caleb Rogers and Angie S. Rogers) have been representing my business in one form or fashion since they helped me incorporate in 2008.   They've handled a variety of matters for my business beyond formation, including contract review, drafting, and negotiation.  Bottom line, I know I can trust them.  They give me the honest advice I need when I need it."

 by Leslie M.
Timely and Compassionate Help

"Angie provided great advice to our family as we were facing some difficult decisions due to my grandmother's declining health and eventual passing.  She was compassionate throughout the process and helped us get through everything."

 by Jeremy R. - President, Plott Creek Builders
General Building Contractor

"Plott Creek Builders is proud to use Yadkin Valley Law as our primary legal services provider.  We gladly recommend this firm to our friends and customers alike."